Learn how Fuel Purchase Routing can save $250 monthly/vehicle

All around the country, if you ask fleet managers or company owners what is the single biggest company expense – they will  tell you fuel. On average, transportation companies spend 25% or more on fuel purchases. When I say fuel, it can mean both gas and diesel. A 1% reduction in fuel costs can result […]

Fueloyal: Attendee Of The Great American Trucking Show 2017 (GATS)

The Great American Trucking Show is the event that brings together the people contributing to the U.S. trucking industry, starting from the truck drivers, trucking companies up to owner-operators. More precisely, The Great American Trucking Show is an encompassing convention of trucking professionals. This year there were more than 500 exibitors representing: truck, trailer, engine, […]

Trailer GPS – Track and Monitor Your Goods and Trailers

Fueloyal Launches New Trailer GPS: Making a Difference in the U.S. Trucking Industry. Fueloyal Inc. has done it again! Fueloyal is excited to announce the launch of their new innovative and cutting-edge fleet management solution, their brand new Fueloyal Trailer GPS! The Company believes in commitment to making a difference in the trucking industry. In […]

Truck GPS – Smartest GPS Tracking on the Market

Need to improve your trucking business? Need a better, smarter and faster way for route management? No problem. Thanks to the technology, there is a new intelligent way to lead your company to success. Having said this, Fueloyal announced the new Truck GPS that will upturn the profit in the trucking businesses. Notably, it will […]

10 Best Fuel Management Systems on The Market

First off what are fuel management systems? What is fuel management systems used for? Both are valid and good questions! The basic answer is that fuel management systems are just that; devices, programs, and/or systems used for control and monitor fuel usage and other related accountability issues. It can be used on your truck’s tank or […]

Make $300 Truck/Month With Fuel Purchase Optimization Tool

Being the backbone of the US economy, the trucking industry is moving around 70% of the goods, and that makes it one of the biggest fuel spenders. Therefore in order to help trucking companies to reduce their fuel costs, Fueloyal has developed and integrated a Fuel Optimization Tool that can bring up to $300 on […]

Fuel Theft Calculator – Stop Losing Money

The trucking industry has a major part of US economy because generates 5% of USD GDP or $700 Billion/Annually. The trucks across the USA spending 13% of all purchased fuel in one year and the calculations are $130 billion. The fuel is the biggest expense in every trucking company and if it is not managed […]

Free IFTA Tax Reporting Software

In today article we are going to speak about Free IFTA Tax Reporting Software and their importance. I know most of you every quarter you need to create and submit IFTA reports ask your self is there any Free IFTA Tax Reporting Software that can help me speed up the process and make it easier. […]

Who Should Use Smart Fuel Cap and Save $950 Truck/Month?

Who Should Use Smart Fuel Cap? As you probably realized by now Fueloyal developed smart Fuel Cap that prevents fuel misuse in Trucking Companies and in the same time provides 100% fuel management and control. The biggest expense every trucking company has is the fuel. On average 35% of all expenses goes on diesel bills and average Class […]