Life as a Truck Driver – Balance Between Highway and Home


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This leads us to a very important thing, the balance. Just because you live and work in the same place doesn’t mean that is all there is.

Try not to fall into the trap of just watching movies or playing video games, other vice you will soon or later loose the touch with reality and what life really is all about!

Join a national gym, then you can continue (or start) your workouts. Take your bike with you. Take your hobbies with you. If you like to play an instrument, make models, sketch, write, paint, fish, or whatever well then by all means – Do it!

Carriers often have work life balance programs designed to better assist you with your life as a truck driver, but not all of them, or they don’t seem to put a lot of effort into them. You can check with you carrier to see what they offer, such as discounted gym memberships and such.

However, the real responsibility rest with you, the driver. Only you can ensure that you are taking care of both your physical and mental health. And it is really not that hard. Now there a few simple things you can do:

  • Speak with experienced truck drivers (they can tell you firsthand what you can do in order to keep the balance between highway and home);
  • Eat right, try to eat healthier foods;
  • Keep in touch with family and friends;
  • Exercise, even 30 minutes three times a week can do wonders;
  • Try to maintain a regular schedule or routine;
  • Turn off the TV, internet, and just get proper rest.

People can fall into the trap that work consumes them and then they lose touch what is important. Obviously working pays the bills, but you must remember to get your head out of it. When you are home do something with the family and/or friends.

Life as a truck driver can be such a rewarding experience, if you take advantage of the opportunities.

Remember driving is only the job, if you enjoy driving then it’s really not work anyway. But even then find your escape!


Life as a Truck Driver can be hard for some. Others find it to be a great way to live. As a trucker you’re free to travel the open road and see places that most would never get to.

No, I am not talking about narrow alleyways or dingy docks. I am speaking about the country. Most people will never get to see the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas or any of the other roadside attractions.

As usual, I would recommend do a little research, join a group, enter a chat room, go on Facebook and get to know some truckers. Believe me they can tell what life as a truck driver is like and then some! And go into with the right attitude, there will be pros and cons.

So what made you want to live life as a truck driver? What piece of advice would you offer someone new to the life as a truck driver? How do you feel about your balance between highway and home? Share your thoughts and comments with us.




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